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Netbook On The Road
22 March 2009

I have just returned from a trip on which I used the netbook exclusively. At the end of the trip I am very happy to say that I was able to do all that I needed to on the netbook, I was able to develop without many issues. Although it is a little slower than my desktop, that is expected. It just required me to be a little more patient. The one issue that I did have, was not able to review my work via IE. ... Read More

Netbook Eeepc 1000
26 February 2009

Just bought myself a eeepC 1000 linux netbook as I am going to be travelling a bit lately and want to keep working during that time. I was planning on putting Gentoo onto it, but decided against that as it was suggested that compiling every package will be a bit resource intensive on the netbook so I decided on eeebuntu remix The reason I decided to install a different Linux distr was to give me more flexibility and the desired environment for me. ... Read More

Jquery Slider
10 February 2009

I thought about making use of the jQuery slider effect for a project I am working on. Let me just say that I felt like an idiot at first. All the necessary libs were installed and being called correctly, but nothing was coming up. After much head scratching, I finally realized that I needed to provide styling for the slider for it to show up. So at the very least have something along these lines; ... Read More

Google Maps
10 February 2009

Lately I have done some work with Google Maps and made use of jMaps which is a jQuery Google Maps Plugin. Nice and straight forward to use, just a one liner to initialize the map and you have access to quite of bit of functionality through the API. I was able to make use of markers and polylines without any real issues. At the moment I can connect an object on the page to a marker on the map, kinda, I make use of the latitude and longitude values. ... Read More

Javascript Demo
1 February 2009

A javascript demo has been added that encompasses DOM manipulation, effects and AJAX. The idea of the javascript snippet of code is that it can be placed in a form that has a select list pulling data from a lookup table and would allow the user to add to the lookup table without having to leave the form. The javascript code sends a request to a PHP file on the server that adds the data to the database. ... Read More

Audit Script Added
26 January 2009

I just updated the auditing article, with a python script that generates the necessary function and trigger to work with the Postgres auditing example. Not only does this help mimimize the mistakes I make, but it definitely makes life a lot easier just running the script whenever a change is made to a table that needs auditing. So that is a win win. The idea would be to create a number of other scripts that allows the database to be re-created competely, this is for development purposes and allows for changes to the database to happen rapidly and with minimal mistakes. ... Read More

Markdown And Codehilite
17 January 2009

Just added a quick article on how I installed and worked with markdown and codehilite. These tools helped in presenting code snippets in the articles with ease. It allows the article to be edited easily and makes use of markdown syntax. When adding the article it is parsed and html syntax is added to the text based on the markdown syntax. This method then only requires the text to be parsed when it is added/updated and not everytime the article is viewed. ... Read More

Articles Application
16 January 2009

This blog system was not working out well for me, especially for those long ramblings of mine, so I have created an articles app in django and now I can ramble on forever. I wanted something that would be able to display code snippets more intuitively and effectively. The article app includes an extra field for the html content that takes the text/body of the article and converts it into an html structure. ... Read More

Postgres Auditing Example
13 January 2009

A while ago I wrote in general terms about putting together a low level auditing system for postgres, well this post is about one way I went about doing this. I have written a short article on it that can be found here The auditing steps are implemented in the database layer through functions and triggers making use of PL/SQL, it includes a login function that creates a session table that is used to ensure that the user is logged in and that the auditing function has access to the users information. ... Read More

Flot This
10 January 2009

Lately I have been playing around with various JS Graphing libraries. In the past I have made use of Plotkit, which is based on the MochiKit libs. Overall it is a very straight forward application and easy to use. But in wanting to make use of JQuery more and to get more up to speed with it, I came across Flot and decided to give it a whirl on the Powerball app. ... Read More