What I'm Thinking

Dreamhost Django Arghh
3 January 2009

Something that you learn the hard way and that makes you feel powerless is when you make use of a hosting provider and give up certain controls of the server. The issue I just ran into was with me making a tweak on a django installation and modified the urls.py file, but in doing so I mispelt a module it needed to import, and alas the site is currently failing to import this module now and errors out. ... Read More

Powerball And Django
2 January 2009

I have been playing with django of late as well as doing some fair amount of python scripting at work. So for a mini project I played with the powerball lottery numbers and created a very simple application that pulls the numbers from the powerball lottery website and dump them in a database and then extract some data from the database and present them. All that has resulted in a couple of pages that can be found at python. ... Read More

Python Projects
25 October 2008

Well I finally managed to get to use Python for a couple of projects for work and must say that I have been really happy about it. The projects were nothing too involved, just reading Excel files, parsing the data, saving specific records, saving the rejected records to a file and emailing the results to relevant parties. I made use of a lib called xlrd [http://www.lexicon.net/sjmachin/xlrd.htm], that provides functionality to read Excel files. ... Read More

16 July 2008

Just worked on a project that used CakePHP [http://www.cakephp.org/] as it’s framework. It was very straight forward in picking up and working with, as it follows the normal MVC methodology which I like a lot. There were a few things that needed to be named correctly to make the most of the framework, which was interesting, but no big deal. As they do a good job of providing some decent documentation on the system and had a decent tutorial. ... Read More

Site Update
29 June 2008

Ok, a quick message to say that the site has been updated. It may be a step back initially, but the framework is something I built and I will be able to rapidly expand with ease. So it is a bit rough around the edges at the moment, but it is something I have put together and will fine tune overtime.

Rhel To Centos
15 June 2008

A project I am currently working on requires me moving a website between servers. The client has just purchased a new server from Dell with RHEL5 installed on it. Everything was going well till I needed to install a file, but alas we were not able to mount the CDRom drive anymore, and we do not have an RHN subscription. I am doing this all remotely and not into having to pay for a subscription to get updates etc. ... Read More

Foresight Linux
10 June 2008

I have been using Foresight Linux for the last couple of months, and must say that I am impressed with the way it sets up. It must have been the quickest setup today I have experienced in any distro, that’s a good thing for those not interested in wrestling in getting up and going. Once up and running you have almost everything you need. You get all your standard applications to do almost everything you need. ... Read More

Code Base
9 June 2008

Whenever I start a new project I generally make use of a base set of code. This code base has been growing slowly, ever so slowly, but I think it is a reasonable starting base. Nothing fancy, nice and simple and allows me to go in any direction I like. When I have finished a project or have time during a project, I try to remember to move any improvements back into the base, I really ought to do this more often, but alas. ... Read More

Postgres Auditing
1 June 2008

Working on a new project called Bayete, it has been long time coming, but that is another story. For this project I wanted to have some low level auditing and so decided to make use of Postgres with it’s functions/trigger options. The idea is that when there is any INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE action on a table it is recorded in an auditing table. The idea was inspired by Tony Mays, a work colleague. ... Read More

Ins Interview
22 May 2008

ok, I am surprised by this, I have already received notice to have my fingerprints taken. For a moment I thought it was the interview, but that will be a while longer I guess. Any, at least we are making progress.