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Ins Response
15 December 2007

Well the INS has finally acknowledge my citizenship application. It sure had me worried there for a while, thought the application had disappeared into la la land. So it looks like the next step will be an interview and I can expect them to contact me within 365 days. so says the acknowledgement.

Us Citizenship
28 July 2007

Well, I have finally applied for US Citizenship. Got together all the necessary paperwork and amazingly enough it was not really that hard. I say that now, but I have just sent in the application, I still need to be finger printed, interviewed and tested on the history/facts about the US. So I’ll need to brush up on some of the trivia about the history and government. They also make sure you have basic English skills, well I think I have those, although a number of people will be a bit dubious about that, seeing that they have a tough time understanding me. ... Read More

19 April 2007

Ok this is old news, but it is the reason for the lack of news of late. A new addition to the family by the name of Owen was delivered on 3rd April at home. Mom did extremely well and both are healthy and back to normal.

3 March 2007

Crikey, I’m buggered!!!! We have moved 90% of our stuff, just have one more trip to get non-essential things I think. But am very glad to have gotten the majority of the things to the new place. We are spending our first night at the new place, bed is setup, and am loving it. But I’m tired now and am ready to crash. Tomorrow will just be returning the Rental truck, hit Costco for a couple of things and maybe, if I’m up to it, making that last run to the old place for the last of our things. ... Read More

On The Move Again
28 February 2007

Well we are moving again, but this time just 20 miles. Bought a house in Jupiter Farms, FL and we are closing today. Most excited about that as the house we are renting now is smaller than we like and it has been tricky storing all our things. It’s a little further from work, so will not be able to pop home for lunch, which is sad. But the place is much larger and we have a decent size yard for the kids to run around in. ... Read More

Site Upgrade
27 February 2007

Just upgraded the site to the latest and greatest version of Drupal (5.1) it was previously on version 4.6. A couple of little hiccups, but nothing serious and we are all set. Took about a half hour so not bad at all. The theme has been changed as the previous theme is not available for 5.1 at the moment, actually I think this theme is better. Over all the management part is better, I think, it is easier to move around and get things done. ... Read More

Hi Mom
24 December 2006

This post is in leiu of my Mom finally getting a broadband connection and is now surfing the web. She has visited my site and says that I have not posted in a long time, that there is nothing happening here. So here’s to you Mom.

Gentoo Maintenance
27 July 2006

I’m running Gentoo boxes and the following commands help to keep the packages in order and clean. I have added the following cron to my crontab to perform a sync on a regular basis so that I keep up to date. sync gentoo updates min[0-59] hour[0-23] day-of-month[1-31] month[1-12] day-of-week[0-6] 15 3 * * 1,3,5 root emerge –sync This cron will run Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3:15am. This saves me having to perform a sync manually. ... Read More

Backup Dvd
5 July 2006

A great resource on backing up a DVD can be found at http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_Backup_a_DVD The rest of this page is the steps I take to backup a DVD. At the moment there are a couple of types of DVDs out there which range in size the normal DVD is about 4.7Gig and I believe this is a single layer DVD and then there is the double layer DVD which provides you with about 8Gigs of space. ... Read More

28 June 2006

A tool to help identify good investment properties. Good investment properties are identified as those that are able to be rented out at a certain rate of return over and above the mortage of the propery in relation to the amount of money invested. For example; - Down Payment $20,000 - Property Cost $100,000 - Mortgage $600 - Rent $800 Rate of return is calculated as follows; (Rent - Mortgage) / Down Payment (800 - 600) / 20000 = 0. ... Read More