What I'm Thinking

Creating A Dvd
17 June 2006

This is a shortcut of what I need to do in order to create my dvds. For a superb full explanation on creating dvd’s see this resource; - http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-117709.html Note: FILENAME - is the name of the dvd you are creating Step 1 - Transcode Transocde AVI file into dvd friendly format. $ transcode -i FILENAME.avi -y ffmpeg –export_prof dvd-ntsc –export_asr 3 -o FILENAME -D0 -b224 -N 0x2000 -s2 -m FILENAME. ... Read More

Settled In
16 June 2006

Ok it has been a while since my last posting, but we are now settled in and I have redone the website, finally. So hopefully it will be a lot easier to manage, which will see me posting more content to the site - time will tell. The latest news is that I am now working for INTECH as a Web Application Developer. I must say I am extremely happy at the moment. ... Read More

Dual Monitor Setup
16 June 2006

At work I have a Sony Vaio [FS950] running Debian and an external 19” Monitor that I wanted to connect to expand my desktop. Below is an extract from my xorg.conf file with some explanations about the changes. I used the following resources for help; - http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_Dual_Monitors So after much tweaking and playing around below is the part of the xorg.conf file that setup the monitors the way I wanted them. ... Read More

Fl Or Bust!!
2 April 2006

Well we are on our way, after a long night and day of packing/cleaning etc we have finally begun our move to FL. Almost got the UHaul stuck in the driveway, but after a few planks and bakc and forths managed to get the truck back to the beginning of the driveway and ended up having to carry everything through the mud to the UHaul and packed it. Spent most of the evening getting the heavy things packed with the help of my colleagues. ... Read More

15 March 2006

Well I took it upon myself to have a look at Postgres (www.postgres.com) . So I set up postgres on my dev box and played around with it a bit. It definitely has a few more features than MySQL and is a lot more concerned about rights and permissions. Some nice features are the sequences for primary keys are automatically setup up/managed by the system and there is no need to manually handle this as in MySQL. ... Read More

I'M Back
13 March 2006

Have just been on a business trip to Vail. Honest it was a business trip, although I had to get up on the mountain and that was for business purposes as well. We have developed an event management system for AA Events, who have 2 events each year one Ski event in Vail, CO and a Golf event in Newport Beach, CA which has now moved to San Diego, CA. ... Read More

20 February 2006

Ok so a week or so ago I was looking into TurboGears and thinking that it is pretty decent, and then I come across DJango [www.djangoproject.com]. Now which is better and which to spend one’s time learning? Here I have been looking for some decent Python Web framework and suddenly come across 2. Well it does appear the DJango attempts to handle all aspects of the framework, while TruboGears brought together a number of pieces to create the whole. ... Read More

10 February 2006

Over the last few years I have been very interested in the Python programming language andd learning the ins and outs of it. But for whatever reason have not really taken to it. Most of my development is for the web and so have always looked at a language to see how that could help me. And with Python I had not found anything that worked well for me with the web. ... Read More

6 February 2006

Sweet, looks like I have finally worked out a way, that I am happy with, to modularize. Been working on JaG CMS of late and have a nice code base there from which to start most projects. So spent the last week working out the best way to extend this code base, and ideally that would be through modules. I had a couple of requirements for the modules that I wanted to achieve, which were; ... Read More

Jugging Along
26 January 2006

Have made a few quick releases of JaG CMS, due to a couple of issues that were identified as well as a few small improvements made. So JaG CMS is settling down really nicely at the moment. Have moved onto the development of modules for JaG CMS, wanting to make it simple and easy to develop/create modules that can be added and removed easily from the core code base. The first module that is being worked on is a catalog module with the idea that this will a part of an online shopping system that sits on JaG CMS. ... Read More