What I'm Thinking

Jag Cms Released
21 January 2006

Have just made our first release of JaG CMS on sourceforge [jagcms.com] That was a big milestone for us, to actually get it out there. The basic premise of the CMS is completed and from here it should just be simple tweaks and probably many bug fixes, but I believe it is not a bad release. Now to let developers know about it so more testing can be performed and some feedback generated. ... Read More
Been working on the installation script for JaG CMS and am about half way through it, should be another day or two and be able to release the code. Been interesting in working out how to handle the transistion from no libraries available at the beginning of the installation to a gradual addition of libraries of the code base as parts are set up. For example have no templating engine available to handle the presentation logic, but after the first step this is available. ... Read More

Jag Cms
16 January 2006

Been working steadily on JaG CMS of late, almost there with it. It is a simple website CMS system, that allows a user to manage a website, by adding/editing pages and content. Have not made a code release as yet, but that should be in the next week or so. Having to complete the installation script and we should be able to make the first release. For more informaiton you can find it on http://sourceforge. ... Read More

We'Re Back
8 January 2006

Just had a fantastic month long trip to South Africa, visiting the family for Christmas. Now I’m back and getting all sorted out for 2006. Big big plans for this year. Have a number of ideas and am looking to get them implemented this year.

Reinbach.Com Update
8 January 2006

Made some simple updates to the site, making it more functional and fixed a few bugs. Also cleaned up the menu and the work section bringing it up to date. On a new schedule that sees me getting up way before the crack of dawn. Now getting up around 4am, I like this time of day as it is very quiet, most of the family not running around like crazy, so I can get some decent work done. ... Read More

South Africa Trip
29 December 2005

We are currently in South Africa having a fantastic time with the family. Just spent a week in mBona with everyone and it was fantastic. Sadly our holiday is coming to an end and we will have to head home on Monday (2nd). Have had plenty of time to chill and have some big ideas for the new year and the years to follow. We shall see if I can implement them. ... Read More

I'M Back!!
31 March 2005

Wow, it has been a long time. Ok so I’m finally talking to myself again. What is news. Well this site is damn old and need of a major update. So first things first that will be the album, as the wife is asking for that, and so that makes it the highest priority. Yes I know, I know. Will be back shortly with the album. Till next time.

25 November 2004

It has been an extremely long time since I added anything to the journal. Well well what can I say. We have since moved to Fryeburg, Maine and winter is fast approaching. Family is all well and good. With the new year rapidly approaching I think I will get a jump start on resolutions and start with me keeping this site more up to date.

We'Re Moving
24 November 2003

That’s right, we are heading East to North Conway, New Hamshire. Do not know where we will be staying exactly at the moment, that is still being decided. Will be renting at first though. But we have been offered a position at a small company called Glen Group [www.glengroup.com] Joining their web deparment and hopefully going to be doing some great things there. Will keep you all posted as to our location details etc. ... Read More

Sick Boys
22 November 2003

Well Ethan has been really sick for the past week, but thankfully he is on the mend slowly. He was really out of it last weekend. He could barely move and has lost a lot of weight. Trying to get him to take his medicine is an ordeal and has not helped much at all. But he is now eating like a champ and sounding a lot perkier. Not to be out done Luke has now fallen sick as well, but does not look to be as bad as what Ethan had. ... Read More