What I'm Thinking

The Album Is Up!!!
12 October 2003

Finally I have the album up and running. Even added some pictures. You can access the album directly at http://album.reinbach.com

Album Coming
9 October 2003

Ok, everyone is complaining for lack of an album, I’ll be sorting that out this week and get it up there. We do have tons of pics and just need to get the album setup. So hang in there a little longer and we will get it out there. Honest!!!

Vacation Time
7 October 2003

After a 2 week vacation, had to go back to work today : ( Had an awesome trip though. The family climbed in the car and promptly placed 4300 miles of the odometer after a 7 state trip. States visited were; - Idaho, really liked Sandpoint - Washington - Oregon - California, drove the whole coastline, blew through San Francisco and popped inland to Lake Tahoe and Yosemite, back to the coast near Monteray Bay down along the rest of the coast line, spent a week in San Diego and visited Sea World, San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park ... Read More

Journal System In Place
6 October 2003

Finally have the journal system in place, so you should be able to get a steady stream of updates about what is happening with us now. About time, right!!