What I'm Thinking

These are the steps I went through to lock down a cPanel instance running on CentOS for PCI Compliance. Lately I have been setting up a number of cPanel instances for a client and that is a pretty straightforward process. cPanel have decent installation instructions on how to do this and their script pretty much does most of the work. One of the cPanel instances required to be PCI compliant and that wasn’t as clear compared to the installation instructions. ... Read More

Django Rest Framework
5 March 2013

A look at Django REST Framework for developing nice RESTful Web APIs. We are very much a Django shop at the company I work at and have moved to a Service Orientated Architecture (SOA). Well there are some legacy applications that are in the process of being moved into this sort of artchiture. A number of libraries have been used to help with the various APIs developed, these have mainly been Piston and [TastyPie](). ... Read More

4 March 2013

Blog changed to use Pelican and my thoughts on it. Well that escalated quickly! I was wanting to update the look and feel of this blog, felt it needed a little touch up. I had read and heard about various blog systems that were very static, with the relevant files being pre-generated and pushed to the server. The benefit being that this simplified things on the server side, server would be able to handle large loads etc. ... Read More

Django 1.3 To 1.5 Update
28 February 2013

Just updated this site from Django 1.3 to 1.5 and hit the following nuances Generic view changes This has changed a bit, and I was only using it to generate the robots.txt file. So I just moved it to a simple view. So no longer use generic views. Syndication contrib changes I just needed to change the import path and tweak the url settings file a bit. Actually a lot simpler now. ... Read More

16 February 2013

Lately I’m doing more and more Javascript development and attempting to improve my skill set there. And I’m finding that I am using Node.js more in development and when learning Javascript. It’s very handy to be able to write a snippet of Javascript code in your default editor and then use node to run it. Especially for learning and just trying something out. I find that a lot better than trying to make use of the browser Javscript consoles or scratch pads. ... Read More
On a follow up to Cross Posting Forms I wanted to be able to authenticate the user and decided to make use of an auth token, which would then be set client side and the client would supply it in each subsequent request. Well that was added simply enough on the client side, but it took me a while to realize why it was not working on the server side of things. ... Read More

Cross Posting Forms
25 January 2013

My application has 2 different components. An API written in Flask and a JS Application using AngularJS and these are served from different locations/domains. So the API needed to implement HTTP Access Controls CORS to allow the requests from different domains. For the API, I used the following view decorator and I also added f.required_methods = ['OPTIONS'] to the decorator function as suggested in the comments. I then implemented the decorator in the following manner; ... Read More

Server For Angularjs App
24 January 2013

Working on my Finance App I wanted the website to be a standalone JS application for which I am using AngularJS. To make that happen I needed a simple server to deliver the necessary javascript, css and html files that make up the javascript application to the client (browser). So I decided to make use of Werkzeug and ended up with the following straight forward python code to deliver the application code. ... Read More

Finance App
20 January 2013

All my expenses are paid via a credit card and once or twice a month I settle the account. But I also I like to track my expenses closely. I have a number of different bank accounts for the various expenses, to which I allocate a certain amount each pay period from my income. Eg: Insurance account where I allocate a set month to this account from my salary and then when the insurance is due I hopefully have enough money in the account to pay for it. ... Read More

20 January 2013

A while back at work I started using backbone.js for the UI part of the project. It was interesting and sadly I did not spend much time on the project before being pulled off to work on other tasks. This week I wanted to get back to working on JS frameworks/application as I need one for my Finance App. For the browser UI application portion of the app, I wanted to make a purely JS application and I decided to try out AngularJS after reading some good things about it. ... Read More