What I'm Thinking

2 September 2011

At CashStar we have make use of MySQL, and for a number of our applications we have some sort of configuration method/system. Sadly due to the rapid development we have been doing, these various applications each have their own method/system of implementing configuration options for the application. Lately I have been thinking of various ways to have a central configuration system for all our applications. A couple of the developers are working on a configuration service and are mainly looking at solving the requirements of the buy system first. ... Read More

2 September 2011

Playing around with gevents. Easily enough installed/setup. First you need the libevent requirements installed. I downloaded 2.0.13 and did the following; ./configure --prefix=/usr/local make sudo make install There after you can use pip to finish up installing the rest of the requirements and gevent itself pip install greenlet pip install gevent A quick test to make sure you’re all set; python import gevent That’s it. You’re ready to play. ... Read More

22 August 2011

So lately I have been bouncing around various Python web frameworks and each have their pros and cons. Some are applicable to the environment that you are working on eg: Tipfy, webapp2 were developed to be used on AppEngine. You can use these on other platforms, and there is documentation on how to do that. For the last couple of years I have been using Django, which is a very nice framework and it has all the bells and whistles. ... Read More

Reportlab Colors
19 August 2011

I was working on generating PDFs using ReportLab today, and I was wanting to change the background and text color of a few cells within a table. data = [ [total_due, total_amount, '', 'BRAND', merchant], ['', '', '', 'DATE', datetime.date.today().strftime("%m/%d/%Y")], ['', '', '', 'ORDER NUMBER', order.order.order_number], ] t = Table(data, style=[ # left side ('GRID', (0, 0), (1, -1), 0.5, colors.black), ('BACKGROUND', (0, 0), (0, -1), HIGHLIGHT_BACKGROUND_COLOR), ('TEXTCOLOR', (0, 0), (0, -1), HIGHLIGHT_TEXT_COLOR), ('ALIGN', (0, 0), (-2, -1), 'RIGHT'), ('VALIGN', (0, 0), (-2, -2), 'MIDDLE'), ('SPAN', (0, 0), (0, -1)), ('SPAN', (1, 0), (1, -1)), # right side ('GRID', (-2, 0), (-1, -1), 0. ... Read More

16 August 2011

Still on my whirl wind tour of python web frameworks, picking a few that catch my eye and playing around with them. Mainly trying out their tutorials that they have and if it interests me, going ahead and developing an actual web application for them. The latest one I am playing around with at the moment is web.py. It appears simple enough, but crikey does it pack a lot. Webpy is capable of handling decent loads (used by reddit. ... Read More

15 August 2011

Over the weekend I installed the monitoring service provided by ServerDensity, and was very impressed with how simple it was to install and get up and running. They monitor a number of services, including databases like MySQL, MongoDB etc, but not PostgreSQL. So seeing that they have a plugin framework and I have a PostgreSQL instance running on my servers, I thought I would look into writing a plugin for it. ... Read More
I am working on a web application project that needs to handle an xls file that has a little over 8 thousand products in it. I started off developing this project on the app engine platform making use of webapp2 for the framework. But when I got to the part of uploading the file and having to parse it, making use of xlrd to read the file etc, everything just seemed incredibly slow. ... Read More

12 August 2011

I have moved from tipfy to webapp2 for appengine projects. Both of these frameworks are created/maintained by Rodrigo Moraes, who in my mind appears to be a super hero, in churning out a couple of very decent frameworks. I ended up with webapp2 and that is what is recommended. tipfy just went through a large update and a lot of things changed. webapp2 is super easy to setup, it is a single file and pretty much extends webapp. ... Read More

12 August 2011

Jinja2 is now my template engine of choice. I have been using django templates with django for a couple of years now and am very comfortable with them, but have been missing a few things with it more and more. Just not powerful enough. Well missing somethings that would be cool and helpful. Jinja2 has solved some of these issues for me. Definitely have not had the chance to use it as much as I would like. ... Read More

Kid Vm
14 April 2011

Just pushed out a new appengine application. I needed a way to track the kids allowances as I never have cash on me. So I put together Kid VM, which allows you to; add kids add allowances for the kids add transactions The system will automatically track/calculate the balance. A cron runs daily and creates a transaction for those allowances that are due that day. Still a little rough, need to add some pretty graphs and clean up the app in a general sense. ... Read More