What I'm Thinking

Facebook Fiasco
29 November 2010

At work I had to extend our eGift Card purchasing process to handle Facebook Connect, which was to allow the purchaser to select the recipient of the eGift Card from their list of friends on Facebook and then to deliver the eGift Card to the friend via a Facebook wall posting. Well the whole exercise was very interesting to say the least. The whole Facebook development framework leaves a lot to be desired. ... Read More

Ethan The Critic
7 May 2010

Continuing with my learning of AppEngine and all it’s goodness. I created a Critic’s Website and called it Ethan the Critic. Very original as being a critic is something that Ethan wants to do and so here is his outlet in fulfilling his dream. The reviews have a rating, the ability to upload an image of the item/product being reviewed and are categorized. A complete admin section was created to help ease with the maintenance of the reviews and the site. ... Read More

Emacs My One True Friend
18 April 2010

Over the years I have used a number of different text editors. At one point I was using Emacs heavily and really enjoying it as I was solely based on a Linux desktop at the time. Then the projects that I was working on grew a little in size and the files were spread out in the file system and I started to find it a little tedious to move between these far ranging directories. ... Read More

Google Appengine
12 April 2010

Lately I have been playing around with the Google AppEngine, and seeing how that works. I really like the idea of the system being placed in Google’s Dataservers and leveraging their infrastructure. On top of that the hosting is free if your quotas are low and so only if your site becomes popular or is heavily used do you need to pony up with the cash. To try out AppEngine I decided to write a simple Critic’s website and decided to use the “raw” AppEngine code/infrastructure. ... Read More

Fabric Nice And Soft
14 March 2010

Finally I got tired of the way I was doing my releases. Which involved me exporting the relevant release from the versioning system and then copying across the files to their respective places, making sure that I was placing them in the correct place. This was all done manually. Well after reading a bit about Fabric, I decided to give it a try and am very ecstatic with it. All you need to do is create a simple fab file and call away. ... Read More

Track This
21 February 2010

I have just created a glorified To Do list manager for myself and added it to this site and have very creatively called it Track. There are a dime a dozen of these To Do list managers, bug/issue trackers etc out there, but I have my own special way of doing things and I did not want to change my process. So I went ahead and created Track for myself. At the moment it is nothing fancy, it just does the usual. ... Read More

Jolicloud On Netbook
15 February 2010

I came across a lifehacker article “Five Best Netbook Operating Systems” and looking at the top one, it was a distro called Jolicloud that I had not tried out before. I have a netbook that was just setting there gathering dust and since Laura was complaining about not having a laptop, and always wanting to use mine. I thought I would give the distro a try. Previously I had been using Ubuntu Eeepc version, which was kinda sluggish. ... Read More

Assocbuyers Website
11 February 2010

We order from a Co-op and Laura has a tough time finding the products with the best price and determining what to order in general. Looking at their site they offered an Excel doc each month with the products. So I decided to create a website for Laura to use and maybe others would be interested in it as well. I wrote a script that parses this Excel document and puts all the products into a database. ... Read More

Back In The Game
9 February 2010

After a bit of a hiatus, I am back. I have a new job with CashStar, developing in python (Django) and loving it. Python is always a language I have admired and wanted to develop in. Over the years I have done some small projects and scripting, but now it is full time and I feel like a real programmer now. I can’t believe they actually hired me. Through all the technical reviews I thought I crashed big time, but alas I would get called for the next round of interviews. ... Read More

Menu Item Background Fades
30 September 2009

A project I am working on required that the menu item’s background fade when the user mouses over it and this is my hack in achieving it. I must admit this is not the prettiest as there is some duplication of information, buy as with most projects there was a time crunch and this is what I came up with in the allocated time. First you have your usual menu code: ... Read More