What I'm Thinking

Back In The Game
9 February 2010

After a bit of a hiatus, I am back. I have a new job with CashStar, developing in python (Django) and loving it. Python is always a language I have admired and wanted to develop in. Over the years I have done some small projects and scripting, but now it is full time and I feel like a real programmer now. I can’t believe they actually hired me. Through all the technical reviews I thought I crashed big time, but alas I would get called for the next round of interviews. ... Read More

Menu Item Background Fades
30 September 2009

A project I am working on required that the menu item’s background fade when the user mouses over it and this is my hack in achieving it. I must admit this is not the prettiest as there is some duplication of information, buy as with most projects there was a time crunch and this is what I came up with in the allocated time. First you have your usual menu code: ... Read More

Cms Made Simple (Cmsms)
26 August 2009

I was contracted to finish off and add some extra components to a website that was developed in CMS Made Simple. In the past I had come across CMSMS and looked at it. I was also not completely sold on it as a number of the templates and stylesheet code was/is stored in the database. This definitely makes it easier for the enduser to make modifications to these on the fly, but most endusers really are not interested in this and do not have the skills to, that’s why they have contracted the work out. ... Read More

To Framework Or Not!
20 June 2009

I was contracted to create a feedback form for a website that allowed the client to add comments and manage the feedback. Seeing that it was a very simple project and an addition to the site, it brought up the question of whether or not one should make use of a full framework to do that. The site was made up of static pages. In the past I have always made use of a full framework to develop websites, it didn’t matter which framework, whichever was being used or developing one from scratch. ... Read More
The other day I updated a centos server and postgres was updated in the process. I rebooted the server for all the new libraries to take effect etc, just to make sure. Well when the server rebooted all my postgres databases disppeared. Postgres started up perfectly, but not one database was there, just the default postgres databases. That freaked me out, and had me hopping for a while, trying to work out what happened. ... Read More

6 May 2009

I have been working on a Joomla based project and it has just moved into Beta phase. Zonelancer is a freelancing website that brings togther freelancers and those needing freelancers. We made use of an already made module/component for Joomla and templated it. A few minor tweaks were made to the modules/components as well as a new module created to handle the stats. You can get a glimpse of the site at zonelancer. ... Read More

18 April 2009

I have been working on a travel blogging web application called Travelz Log [www.travelzlog.com] and it has just moved into early beta. It is still a little rough around the edges and needs quite a bit of testing still. Over the next few weeks I plan to smooth out those edges and move it out of beta. Then over time add new features to it and grow the application. There is already a fair list of enhancements that I want to do, but first want to shore up the base and make sure it is solid first. ... Read More

Xorg 1.5/Gcc 4.3.2
6 April 2009

Gentoo is the distribution I use for my desktop and I just performed an extensive upgrade/update this weekend which had me moving to gcc 4.3.2. That required me to do a system and world reinstall and that involves a number of packages (system: 120, world: +/-798) Each morning I do a world update on my system and I did not notice a few critical updates and I ended up with my apps not starting up cause they could not link to libstdc++. ... Read More

Joomla Digg Component
6 April 2009

Just completed a joomla component that is based on the Digg idea. It allows the posting of content which is then voted on by users. The postings can be voted upwards or downwards and marked as spam. There are 2 levels are categories for the postings to be categorized. In the admin section the admin user has a configuration section where they can setup automatic levels for the postings to appear on the home page or for postings to be removed (deactivated) if a certain level of spam votes have been reached. ... Read More
Coded a new word press template for GSI Media called Urban Groove. It was a little interesting in that a fair amount of transparencies were used and this does not play well with IE6. The design was also a little narrow relative to other wordpress templates, but I thought it was a really cool looking design.