Back In The Game

After a bit of a hiatus, I am back.

I have a new job with CashStar, developing in python (Django) and loving it. Python is always a language I have admired and wanted to develop in. Over the years I have done some small projects and scripting, but now it is full time and I feel like a real programmer now. I can’t believe they actually hired me. Through all the technical reviews I thought I crashed big time, but alas I would get called for the next round of interviews.

So with what I am learning and my new found programming skills. I have gone and started rewriting everything in Django. Hence this site has gone and gotten a refresh, new code base and a new look.

I have been quiet of late as we spent sometime on the boat and then decided to stay where we are for a while longer, so I needed to get out there and find a decent paying job as well as getting settled into the new roles.

Not to mention that I have been crazy busy programming and getting things done, which is always great. More to come on these projects


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2010-02-08 19:00 -0500