Just worked on a project that used CakePHP [] as it’s framework. It was very straight forward in picking up and working with, as it follows the normal MVC methodology which I like a lot.

There were a few things that needed to be named correctly to make the most of the framework, which was interesting, but no big deal. As they do a good job of providing some decent documentation on the system and had a decent tutorial.

The version I used was the current stable release [Stable:], but it appears that the latest release is fairly standard with some new features/improvements. The main thing that I noticed in the time I worked with it between the versions was the Form helpers being separated from HTML helper.

The project was pretty straight forward in just being a dynamic website with the usual CMS functionality.

I definitely want to try the framework out on a more demanding scenario and hopefully that will be happening soon.


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2008-07-15 20:00 -0400