Fl Or Bust!!

Well we are on our way, after a long night and day of packing/cleaning etc we have finally begun our move to FL.

Almost got the UHaul stuck in the driveway, but after a few planks and bakc and forths managed to get the truck back to the beginning of the driveway and ended up having to carry everything through the mud to the UHaul and packed it.

Spent most of the evening getting the heavy things packed with the help of my colleagues. Then spent the next day finishing up the “small” stuff and cleaning, which ended up taking the better part of the day. We packed everything in the UHaul and then thought about staying the evening and leaving in the morning, but I refused to unpack anything, so we finished cleaning up and started our trip at 6pm!! Drove to North Conway and had MacDonalds for dinner!!! Then really started on the trip.

We made it to Boston that evening and stayed there, so a whopping 2hrs first leg.

Well the next day we pretty much double that to 4hrs and have made it to NY and are staying the evening with Linda and Scott. Tomorrow I think we will do a little further, and before we know it we will have made it the whole way. No need making it torturious(sp?).

So at the moment we’re at the Warnash’s and having a great relaxing time with them.


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2006-04-01 19:00 -0500