Foresight Linux

I have been using Foresight Linux for the last couple of months, and must say that I am impressed with the way it sets up. It must have been the quickest setup today I have experienced in any distro, that’s a good thing for those not interested in wrestling in getting up and going.

Once up and running you have almost everything you need. You get all your standard applications to do almost everything you need. Now to do development you need to take an extra step and update to the ‘devel’ stages/packages. A nice feature is that the updates are seamless and happen in the background, after a simple click.

The one thing that is missing for me is the lack of GnuCash, I need that program, well I just really want it. I have a long history with it. Yes I could go ahead and download the packages and install it myself, but the better thing would be to follow up on the bug tracker and help to get it into the list of applications, there appears to be a couple of bugs still open for it at the moment (FL-735 and FL-1251).

A little weird issue I do have is that my /etcX11/xorg.conf file does not appear to be read on the initial load, I have to login and out first before my dual monitors are correctly picked up.

So today I was browsing DistroWatch again and getting the urge to try another distro and the 2 that caught my eye are Mint and Sabayona

I have an AMD64 system so that is something that the distro needs to be strong in, which looks like Sabayona is, seeing that it is based on Gentoo which I have used and really enjoyed, that has been my favorite distro for a while now. I really like the way you get down and into the meat of it when working with Gentoo. But I am going to wait till Sabayona has made it’s latest release, which seems that they are close on doing that. It is meant to be at the end of this month (June 2008) So I’ll go ahead and try Mint next I think.


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2008-06-09 20:00 -0400