Netbook Eeepc 1000

Just bought myself a eeepC 1000 linux netbook as I am going to be travelling a bit lately and want to keep working during that time.

I was planning on putting Gentoo onto it, but decided against that as it was suggested that compiling every package will be a bit resource intensive on the netbook so I decided on eeebuntu remix

The reason I decided to install a different Linux distr was to give me more flexibility and the desired environment for me. The default Xandros distro actually looked pretty decent and I could see anyone being able to use this with no problems. The interface was very good and intuitive. But I need to do some development on the machine and needed something more.

Well the only issue I had was booting from the USB Drive in that I kept getting a flashing cursor in the top left corner. The solution was that the USB stick’s boot partition needed to be fixed with the command

lilo -M /dev/sdd

After that it was pretty much plain sailing. The next part I’m working on is getting virtualbox setup, which is done, but really getting Windows installed within virtualbox and the trick is intalling Windows without a CD Drive.

Resources: Installing Ubuntu on USB Stick


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2009-02-25 19:00 -0500