Git Reflog

Git reflog just saved my bacon.

Last week my commit message referenced the wrong ticket and in attempting to fix the commit message I accidentally reset our develop branch of the project to the master branch. In short, I wiped out all our changes in the project! A few months of work gone, poof! Well, Git is a distributed repo system so everyone still had the original correct repo, but to top things off I had also pushed these changes to our our central repo server. Awesome!

Anyway a quick chat with a team mate, who informed me about reflog in git, I was back to the races. A couple of deletes using reflog I was back to normal and breathing easy again.

git reflog delete master@{X}

With X being the reference number of the entry to remove.

So while git log will show you the current logs for the branch, git reflog records the updates on the branch tips.

So if you appear to have reset your branch to the beginning of time and you need to get back to the present. git reflog may be the tool for you to do that.


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2014-03-14 20:00 -0400