Still Going

So I have been slowly working through the Noob to Pro wikibook. Finally I am starting to understand the UI to Blender! I’ve just reached the section on animation.

Blender is a tool that I have always wanted to learn how to use. I have been aware of Blender since the days when the community bought it from the company that went bankrupt and open sourced it. That was a number of years ago. And now I am actually able to do a few little things with it.

The only thing with the ‘Noob to Pro’ wikibook is that a number of the tutorials are for older versions of blender and I have some trouble converting the steps to the new UI.

I have now just realized the the User Manual is a lot more up to date with the latest version of Blender and it appears to be a better starting point in learning Blender. So now I am working through that, I’ve just gotten through the first few chapters/pages.

I have also been lurking in a number of forums on reddit. Mainly;

And I am learning quite a bit from the postings there, from resources for programming to what to do to learn to draw.