ZeroMQ is a messaging layer that is blazingly fast. There is a great intro to zeromq by Nicholas Piël.

I’ve been needing to get some decent messaging layer in place and so I decided to try zeromq out.

Grabbed the latest version (currently 2.1.9)

cd /path/to/downloaded/zeromq-2.1.9
./configure --prefix=/usr/local
sudo make install

Then because I make use of virtualenv, I wanted to install the pyzmq libs in the specific virtualenv I was working on. First I downloaded the pyzmq lib (currently 2.1.9

source /path/to/virtualenv/bin/activate
cd /path/to/downloaded/pyzmq-2.1.9
python  configure --zmq=/usr/local
python install

And just to confirm that all is well, you can do the following;

python -c "import zmq"

If you get no errors you’re golden.

Now onto the ZeroMQ Guide. It is a pretty lengthy endeavor, but there are loads of great sample code in many different languages. The guide and sample code, can also be accessed from GitHub.


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