Ok so a week or so ago I was looking into TurboGears and thinking that it is pretty decent, and then I come across DJango [].

Now which is better and which to spend one’s time learning? Here I have been looking for some decent Python Web framework and suddenly come across 2. Well it does appear the DJango attempts to handle all aspects of the framework, while TruboGears brought together a number of pieces to create the whole.

So each way has it’s pros and cons, both of near version 1 release. I’m going to spend sometime with both, which will help me to learn both of them as well as at the same time getting more comfortable with Python and how it does its thing.

I have TurboGears setup already and have started playing with it, so I’ll run through a few more tutorials on that and give it a go, after that I’ll move onto DJango and see how that feels.


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2006-02-19 19:00 -0500