I'M Back

Have just been on a business trip to Vail. Honest it was a business trip, although I had to get up on the mountain and that was for business purposes as well.

We have developed an event management system for AA Events, who have 2 events each year one Ski event in Vail, CO and a Golf event in Newport Beach, CA which has now moved to San Diego, CA.

The system handles registration of attendees to get the people into the system then the staff have a number of sub systems in the backend to fulfill their tasks which range from assigning Flights, Hotel accommodation, ballroom seating through, silent and live Auction system to a section for Sponsors to enter in their information and seat their people. There is actually a multitude of functionality in the background which has grown and been tweaked over the course of the last few years.

The registration part is being refactored as that is not working how we want it to, there are still a couple of user issues we are running into to. At the same time the front end of the website is going to be redone, so that it ties in more closely with the backend and there will be a smoother transistion from there to the registration for the various events.

Did manage to have one day of relaxation with the family in FL, would have liked that to have been more but not the case this time.

So you see it was a business trip to Vail, CO. The skiing was good, but sadly there had not been any snow for the last week or so when we arrived, so it was well groomed runs for the most part.


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2006-03-12 19:00 -0500