Golang - Web - Guide

A multi-part article about developing a website with Golang, with each article about a specific piece of functionality that is common for a complete website.

Previously I have done a large amount of development with the Django framework. I like it because it has everything and it allows one to develop a website quickly, and so there will be a lot of influence from that in these articles.

The reason I made use of Golang is because I wanted to see how simple it would be to implement a lot of this functionality with mainly the Golang standard packages.

So following articles are available;

  • Templating
  • Testing
  • Multiple Apps
  • Config
  • Form
  • Database
  • Logging
  • Session
  • Auth
  • Cli

Each article attempts to cover a particular piece of functionality needed in a website. Source code is available on github at golang-webapp-guide

A while back I wrote about implementing basic site functionality, this will expand on that a lot more.


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