On The Move Again

Well we are moving again, but this time just 20 miles. Bought a house in Jupiter Farms, FL and we are closing today. Most excited about that as the house we are renting now is smaller than we like and it has been tricky storing all our things.

It’s a little further from work, so will not be able to pop home for lunch, which is sad. But the place is much larger and we have a decent size yard for the kids to run around in. There is also a pond that has fish, turtles and ducks, so that will be fun as well.Sadly no pool, but we hope to install one in the following year or so. Probably going to get one of those above ground pools which should be funny, but some relieve from the summer heat.

We’ll be moving a few things during the week and then get the big things moved this weekend. The ability to take a bunch of trips is great, we’re use to having to pack everything at once.


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2007-02-27 19:00 -0500