Site Upgrade

Just upgraded the site to the latest and greatest version of Drupal (5.1) it was previously on version 4.6. A couple of little hiccups, but nothing serious and we are all set. Took about a half hour so not bad at all. The theme has been changed as the previous theme is not available for 5.1 at the moment, actually I think this theme is better.

Over all the management part is better, I think, it is easier to move around and get things done. I still need to sort out the gallery as that is only partly installed at the moment, I have run out of time and will get that done when I get a moment to.

This is the first blog entry in the blog system that comes with version 5.1, not sure if there was a blog system in the previous version.


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2007-02-26 19:00 -0500