Track This

I have just created a glorified To Do list manager for myself and added it to this site and have very creatively called it Track.

There are a dime a dozen of these To Do list managers, bug/issue trackers etc out there, but I have my own special way of doing things and I did not want to change my process. So I went ahead and created Track for myself. At the moment it is nothing fancy, it just does the usual.

Like creating/managing bugs per project. I can search on them, set milestones and assign the usual categories, priorities etc.

The neat thing is that it ties in with the Project section and indicates which projects are active. Well the active projects are those that have cases assigned to them that are active. Making use of the Track system will automatically keep the website up to date with the Projects I have worked on as well.


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2010-02-20 19:00 -0500