Ethan The Critic

Continuing with my learning of AppEngine and all it’s goodness. I created a Critic’s Website and called it Ethan the Critic. Very original as being a critic is something that Ethan wants to do and so here is his outlet in fulfilling his dream.

The reviews have a rating, the ability to upload an image of the item/product being reviewed and are categorized. A complete admin section was created to help ease with the maintenance of the reviews and the site.

In developing the site I stuck with the original framework and believe I got a good understanding of it and how it works. I did miss some of the form functionality and the url management that comes with Django. Future AppEngine development will probably make use of the Django framework as a layer on the AppEngine framework, and I think I will get the best of both worlds.

You can’t beat the release process through the GoogleAppEngineLauncher, easy and straight forward. Although with the use of fabric on my other projects of late, I am not having any issue releasing to my own servers. Just a simple call. So I guess that is a moot point now.

So all in all good to get the initial project completed for a new framework/system and all the better that I still think the framework/system is solid and worth developing future projects on.