Noxls - Django Appengine

Developed a base system/framework that makes use of Django on AppEngine. The system integrates with CheddarGetter for payment gateway. The nice part about the framework is that it is a base for a Saas System. I do not need to worry about getting the base in place each time, I can started on the meat of the Saas system, and not have to redo the base each time.

The base system handles has the following features;

  • Ties up with the account/product levels created on CheddarGetter
  • Account Management
  • Handle Upgrading/Degrading account levels
  • News
  • Contact
  • About
  • Plan and Pricing
  • Signup

There are a number of features and probably a few bugs that still need to be sorted out. It is a start and hopefully it will grow from here. Currently this base is being used on the site